Kennesaw was born in the small town of Milledgeville, Ga. in 1960. His was a childhood marred by severe child abuse. In 1975, he witnessed his step father's murder in the family's kitchen. He joined the National Guards as soon as he was old enough to escape his past and rural Georgia. He would later realize how much influence his childhood and place of birth had on his creative development and the unique voice of his writing and photography.


      As he possessed no high school diploma or GED, he could not join the Navy as he had dreamed of doing. After taking the entrance exam and scoring very high, the Navy commandeered him from the National Guard. In the Navy he was educated as an engineer.

      There was little formal education for the young Kennesaw, but he dreamed of being a writer while cowering in his bedroom at night, wondering which night might be his last.

      Books were not allowed in the home of his youth, but they were his refuge against a reality that was far too real. As a result, he read books he had borrowed, found or stolen. Most of his education came from such books, read under a sheet with a flashlight after his step father had fallen asleep and at great risk.

      When his step father was killed he was suddenly free and alive for the first time, it was at this time he started writing.

      "The first essay I wrote, I had no idea it was an essay. It was a three page run on sentence."

      Kennesaw Taylor

     He bought his first camera, a Pentax, in Sasebo, Japan in 1979. He then spent the next two years visiting thirty-seven countries and taking thousands of pictures during his travels. 

     After getting out of the Navy, he returned to Milledgeville and took the GED, the Sat and the college entrance exam in the same week. By the time his formal education had began, he had already informally educated himself with life experiences.

     His biggest lesson, art of any kind cannot be taught in the schools of America. In fact, the rules learned in such school go a long way in stifling creativity.  Art must come from the heart. You are either an artist or you are not and wishing or educating yourself to be one does not make it so.

     Just as the pen and paper does nothing for the writer you are, the camera does nothing for the photographer you are. Pictures come from the heart and soul of the photographer, not the camera in his hands.

      "Anyone can learn the rules, very few can create art by making their own rules as they go along. Find something you love before starting your education, then you too can change the rules and therefore change the world."

      Kennesaw Taylor

      Kennesaw now lives in Miami, Fl. with his wife Mary Carmen who is a writer of poetry and inspirational phrases. He makes his living with his writing and photography. He has thousands of published articles, essays, short stories, books and photographs.

      "Remember, never believe what they say, whoever they are, they are assholes.

      Kennesaw Taylor